I used to believe...and now I don't know.

My entire life, I have always believed. I may not look like a very religious person but I have always tried to remain true to god. But now, I've started to look around and I've realized what's going on. It seems like the people who really need him have the worst lives, and it's almost like he isn't there for them. But yet, the people who have the best lives don't deserve them and yet they get whatever they want without consequences. I've been through alot in my life, and so have some of my friends and it doesn't seem like we deserve to have the rappy life that we have, but we do. Why isn't god helping all the people who really need him? Why is he overlooking all of us? If he really cared, I would think that he would have helped gotten me some help by now and helped out my suicidal friend, and all of my other friends who have problems as well. My question is, if god really exsists, why would he let all this stuff happen?

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I went through a faze like that when I was about your age. I was a very spiritual individual. But then about 18 or 19 yrs old I became disillusioned.I felt lost. But over time and experience, I became a Born Again Christian. I was about 40. Take heart. You're very young and have a lot of living to do. Lord willing, you'll learn that it's not important that you have doubts but what you feel in your heart. In my heart I know it's true. I truly believe that it was the Holy Spirit that moved me in this direction but I had to learn the hard way. As the Bible says"Lest ye be born again, thou shalt not enter the kingdom of heaven"