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Jared Loughner had a field day in Arizona. A Lone gunman maybe, but a lot of other people helped him pull the trigger by not paying more attention to the openly trouble man. He's been on pyschotropic drugs his whole life and he lived with his parents. As a 21 year old man, why weren't his parents paying any attention to him and listening to his ideas. As far as I'm concerned the drug company that make the drugs and his parents are as much at fault for this tragedy as the man behind the gun.
   . Children drugged out of their minds may  conform in classrooms. Who says we need to conform in an inactive school setting?Maybe you child just needs a different learning environment.
    Children need exercise and need to get the energy out of their system. Don't drug your child with Ritalin or any other drug to make them conform to acceptable behavior  in a drug induced state. Hyper active children do turn out normal, I know because I raised one
    Drugged children grow up in the most distrubing ways. either suicide or they kill others. How can you learn to adjust to society as an adult when your brain was in a fog as a child? Wasting the best learning years of a child are lost forever. You can't rewrite a person's life, and there isn't any make up or catching up with reality for a child who has this done to them. They become frustrated  as an adult and  feel they never fit in. A walking time bomb in society.
    It's time to see the drug makers for what they really are, criminally negligent . Watch the next T.V. ad for medications, the side effects of some of these drugs they get approved  are often worse than the original aliment. Do your own research before you feed your child any medications.

   There is a list of anti depression drugs that are most likely to cause the user to have violent tendencies: 
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Natural supplements can do a better job than presc<x>ription drugs