I Know What I Learned

I came here and found so many people who think the same way I do when I thought I was completely alone in the world.  I learned that I am, indeed, a member of the human race... I used to hate that idea, but I'm starting to like it a lot.  All day, as I was walking around campus, I found that I was looking everyone in the eye and smiling as I passed by.  I didn't need to say hello.  I didn't need to look down.  I didn't need to assert anything.  I just needed to smile, because I wanted them to know that I love them even though I don't know them...  I'm just happy to exist, and this feeling hasn't gone away.  I took some morning glory seeds, which have LSA, a derivative of LSD, had a mild trip, and I've been simply peaceful and full of love ever since.  I can't quite explain it.  I don't even remember the trip, really, but I felt like I was learning a lot.

Anyway, I loved reading all of your stories, and I've come away with this unshakable love that I can't explain.  I want to find a word other than love, but I can't.  I love people for all of their insecurities, for all of their strengths, for all of their folly, for all of their triumphs...  You are all beautiful to me, even those of you who aren't accepted by our society's foolish standards.

Thank you for everything.  I'm sure I'll be back often.  I just feel like the time is coming soon when I'll need to leave.

SeraphicWannabe SeraphicWannabe
22-25, M
Sep 22, 2008