We Were The Best Of Friends For A Year, And Then She Stopped Talking To Me... Help Please!

Me and my friend met the freshman year of college, we became best friends about half way through the year. She was different than anyone I had ever met before, I was quite tame and hesitant when it came to crazy things, she was the opposite. She made me feel more adventurous and I thought she was a good friend. We decided to live together sophomore year and even signed a lease to live together junior year too.

But halfway through sophomore year things started to change, she got a new boyfriend so she wasn't around much.. this i didn't mind because I had a boyfriend too. But then she stopped returning my calls and texts. Summer came by and we were separated. She never talks to me. Not one word. But I know that she is talking about me behind my back to my other best friends and roommates for next year. She told them she needs space from me and does not want to be as close.

I have done everything I possibly can to keep this friendship alive, but it is killing me inside. I don't know what to do. and I am afraid to live with her next year. Help please?
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

1) Don't live with your friend
2) Adopt the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" mentality (meaning that if she doesn't talk to you and she openly tells other people that she doesn't want to be close to you, you should stop trying to reach out to her, too).

i am in high school, but i am going through the same. my best friend who is a few years older than me has recently got a boyfriend and i never see her. she will make excuses to hangout with him and she always puts him before me. i feel like we are slowly drifting apart. my opinion on your story, you should find a new roomate, she is not a true friend if she is talking behind your back. im also trying to figure my situation out too, if i have a best friend or im just lieing to myself.