Am I Losing Them? Or Are They Already Gone?

I have known my two best friends my entire life. I love them to the moon and back and they mean so much to me. I Lived with them for about 4 months when my mom went bankrupt, they help me through everything and i couldn't ask for more. We all became fairly good friends with a girl named Megan. She is a very nice person, but i have to admit i get extremely jealous of her sometimes. I have noticed that over time, the three of us don't really talk as much as we used to. For example: I used to be the only person they told there secrets to. I was the first and the only only person. Now they tell Megan everything and i don't get told anything. I'm always the last one being told anything and it truly breaks my heart. I love them so much its indescribable, but every time i try to get closer and hopefully help our relationship...they talk to Megan. They make up lies to avoid talking to me like; i have a headache so im gonna try to sleep it off. The next thing i know i see them posting things on facebook! what the hell is that? I have known them my whole life. I give them anything i have, and they decide to go and be closer to someone they have known 1/4 of there over me. its sick. I need help. Am i losing them? Or are they already gone?
HaleyEdwards HaleyEdwards
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

im thinking that i have the same problem as you but you should just tell your best friends how you feel and how it used to be and you want to start again and if they refuse the only thing to do is move on

have you tried talking to them?
maybe talking things out will at least lighten your mind...
Megan is a new friend :) it is fun to have new friends..

but old broom knows all the corners of the room :) they know how to clean more efficiently :)