Im Losing My Best-friend To Someone Else What Should I Do??

OK so me and my best friend used to be like really close but one day i decide to go of and do something she was left standing there and went over to L and L is my friend as-well like L is
a really good friend .But then as the days went by they seemed to get closer and closer .now shes texting L allot now . i feel really depressed and empty inside . she doesnt realy want to hang out with me anymore ?she is not acting the way she was when she was with me ? am i losing her or what
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I'm in a similar situation just now. My best friend started really hanging out with one of my other friends last year and as time has gone on they have become closer and closer. My best friend doesn't text me like we used to. I've given it so many tries and it's just not the same. Instead of planning things with me it's "oh me and Y are planning this next week so I'm busy"
It hurts so much. I don't know if she realises how much pain she is causing but I hope she never feels the way I do right now because it is awful.
The funny thing is she would always tell me of how pretty much all of her friends from school etc. had abandoned her and for a while before she met me she had no friends. Is it that she did the same thing to them? Or if they did really abandon her shouldn't she realise what she is doing to me?
I'm angry, upset and hurt yet we all work together so I have to keep a pained smile on my face and get on with things.

This happens a lot! I swear I know how much it hurts.I'm going through the EXACT same thing.But the best thing to do is to sit her down and talk to her calmly.Dont shout or scream at her.Just be polite with her and if she still refuses to hang out with you then just let her be.You cant force yourself on her.I promise you that you will get another best friend but for now I'm so sorry but you will have to go through lots and lots of heartaches.Just remember that some friends come in our lives to stay and others as a lesson! Here for you when you need to talk. xx