Im Sad

I feel like my best friend of 9 years and i are growing apart. First it started out for the last 2 years about me being irritated, thinking that we've become the same person, and she did everything i did. Now i see her as a hypocrite and she's become someone i don't know anymore. We hardly have anything to say to eachother, i'm wondering if i'm the one who is ruining this, is this my fault? was it my bad attitude and negativity and lack of appreciation? is she tired of me? what is it? I don't know and it's the person you don't want to confront in fear of losing them. it is her birthday this weekend and i'm scared to consume alcohol on it in fear of what bad things i might say or do. I don't appreciate how she tries to mother me and i feel like she is a big part of my past i would like to forget. I don't appreciate how she says bad things about my relationship, or what i choose to do and not do. I don't like unsolicited advice. I feel like she is another one of them who criticize me, another member of my family. Are my reasons valid for being upset? I am so scared of losing her in fear that i may never find a bond like this again. It is a part of life that flames will eventually die, but you should cherish the fun times you did have, which were 9 years of them. i feel so wrong, but i don't know how to act anymore.

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1 Response Jan 7, 2009

hey... well sometimes it happens...<br />
well do you guys study together, i mean do you spend time together??<br />
dont worry, dialogue is the best medicine... Just talk it out with her.. With your clear intentions...