We used to be so close. But something is happening to him..
He's been so stressed, always blaming his parents for everything and he's been acting..strange. I just can't figure out what's wrong or how to help. He just keep blaming his parents.
I sometimes go over his house but it seems like every time I go over there is always an argument (over stupid things) between him and one of hi parents.
Lately they all have been getting me involved because I've known them for so long and I'm basically family like they say.

Sometimes each of them would ask me (as a 3rd party) to help in the argument and even though I don't want to because I hate taking sides, I would answer their question.

For example, today there was an argument about his moms driving and I listened to the whole thing and his mom was asking me if he did say that her driving was illegal.

And as far as I remember, he did say her driving was illegal. But when I said that then he bursts out "you two just hate me, your against me, and i saw u (me) smirk in the mirror so don't tell me you two aren't working together"
I did smile because his mom made me giggle earlier but it had NOTHING to do with the argument, he took it the wrong way! And it may have seemed like I was against him but I was just saying what I heard! All I do is state what I hear when they ask me questions..
And then he started accusing me of being against him and I wanted to cry so bad...I felt like I couldn't be trusted. By my best friend.
At that moment he was in this huge rage mode and I felt like anything I said he would take the wrong way so I didn't want to make things worse so I just stayed quiet.

We did work things out later on but I still feel like he thinks I'm against him and I don't want him to feel that way.

I don't know what to say or do to make him feel like I'm not against him other than to just stay out even if HE wants me to be the third party in their arguments.
I just hate this feeling and I can't stand it anymore. I still want to be friends.

Another thing is, sometimes me and his mom talk alone about a whole bunch of random things. Periods. School. Drugs. Alcohol. Pictures. News. Again, a whole bunch of things. And even though we haven't done that recently (within a few months) maybe he thinks that we talk against him in those talks and I'd HATE to make him think that we are...
He's a really cool friend,and he's nice to talk to and we have talked about a lot of things, similar to talking to his mom, but when he's mad..you just can't get through to him. And he's mad a lot.. Or it seems like it at least.
DearYou DearYou
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014