I Know the Hard Way That Friendships Aren't Easy But..

 As a child I didn't have many friends partly because I was over weighted (still am... *sigh*) anyway now I have a few good ones yet I feel pretty lonely and I get easily depressed.

My case... My best friend of 2 years thought we know each other for over 10 and a half stopped talking since before the new year. I know that he has a girlfriend and honestly I was overjoyed about that since before he started being distant and stop talking to me (basically ignoring me). Don't get me wrong I want him happy but he never calls and I know that the rest of our friends hear from him often they even go out when he is in town (he studying law abroad).

 I miss him and even though the last time we talked about it he said it was my imagination (yeah right...) I think that we are drifting apart. I'm not one of the buddies anymore and that bothers me. It's my fault because I told him that I wanted him to hang out with the other guys of the gang aren't females? He is ashamed of being seen with me? (we had an 'image' problem 6 years ago yet he told me that he was ashamed of that times)  Is it his over jealous type girlfriend? (She is young but I like her)

In short what the F I did and how do I make him start talking again? 

I'm sorry for the incoherent thoughts I wrote but when I'm upset I just screw up the grammar and any luck of comprehension is out of the window  


Sanoiro Sanoiro
22-25, F
Mar 28, 2009