My Heart Is Breaking...

Because my ex is stealing my 17 yr old daughter away from me.  He's lured her into moving in with him a few weeks ago by getting her a car, promising her much more freedom with him etc....  And even brainwashing her into thinking she's better off with him!  And already, just after a week with him, she's taken advantage and spent the night somewhere other than her girlfriends house.  I found this out when the girls mom approached me asking me "did the girls stay up late at your house?"  I was like, what?  "I thought she spent the night at YOUR house!"  The truth came out and she went pale when I asked her about it.  All because her Dad is trying to be her hero, when really he's gambling with my daughters safety, damn him!!!  I just knew things like this were going to happen because he's being a pal not a parent.  It's hurting me so badly because we have been so close her whole life and she's hurting over our split and taking all her anger out on me, when HE's the one that wreaked havoc in OUR lives that has gotten us on the road to divorce.  She just doesn't understand everything behind my decision and is blaming me.  There's so much more to this story but I've already written a novel .  I hope someone out there can relate to me.  Feel free to comment.
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There are both men and women who hate the opposite sex, but they have emotional problems going back to some incident or incidents in their personal lives, but you can't hate all men or all women from something that happened with a bad experience or it will eat you up and consume you with hate. I understand where you are coming from and even though should you loose your daughter when she is 18 she will be an adult and can then leave your ex and come back to you on her own as your ex will not be able to hold her against her will as that is kidnapping and your ex could go to jail for years if he is convicted of it. I do not know which state you live in but most states favor the wife of taking the children during a divorce.

"Women hating men who just want to vent"? I hope I don't come across that way. I had the same issues with my x. Actually she got my son to move in with her so that he could do things. It lasted less than a month she had such a hard time dealing with him, called me every day complaining and finally packed up his belongings while he was at school and dropped them off at my house. <br />
As soon as he moved in with her, my daughter used the opportunity to move in with me (and took his large room in the house). After he moved back in he got the small room and often sleeps on the floor in her room (its also the coldest room in the house). So now we all live together. Fine by me, I did not try to coherce my kids to move in with me, but their mom was stifling them so much and lives in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment with 2 young boys from her 2nd marriage that went bad very quickly. I sympathize for her, but my kids figured out as they got older that mom wanted them to live with her cause she needed the money (she doesn't work). And so moved in with me in the bigger house, more space, and no younger borthers getting into their things. Now my 16 year son is behaving much the same as your daughter - I've tried punishments, try to get them to spend weekends or extra time with thier mother. In honesty, they want to be with their teenage friends right now - that phase.