I dont know what to do. I am 27 years old, in my second marriage. We got married in april this year. In july, I started getting weird mails from my husbands ex, with whom he had had an extra marital affair while in his previous marriage. My husband claimed I was sending those emails to myself, because he thinks I am crazy. What did I do to deserve this blame? Those emails had disgusting details which disturbed me and I wanted to discuss them with him. Was I wrong?? When I got preganant, he started ignoring me. I was confused because I thought he wanted a child!! He says he thinks I am immature and childish, he is 6 years older than me, but I think its unfair because I am not the one who has even had an extra marital affair or accused anyone illogically like this.

I lost my baby because he hit me and chucked me out of the house in temper one night!! I am very low, depressed and confused. I love my husband and I really really wana give it a try to make it work. I miss him terribly now because I have come back to my parents house, he wont even take my calls!! pls help!!!
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I agree with s767443. I lived with abuse for 4 years and they never change! If a man will hurt you like that and kill your baby, why would you want him anyway? Value yourself higher then that and move on. You will find someone better! Not to mention that he is trying to make you feel crazy. That is where the emotional and mental abuse comes in. They try to make yo feel inferior to get your mind state so low that you feel like no one else will ever want you. I can tell you to get away from him as quickly as possible!

From personal experience with a little violence, all I would say is LEAVE! they never change their ways, the fact he made you lose your baby and threw you out whilst pregnant is disgusting! It will definitely be tough, and he'll say he'll change etc but they never do!