A as Food Stamps go Down, Politician Raises Up

After 10 yrs. of increasing crippling arthritis I was compelled to apply for  food stamps. Three years ago for my wife and I they issued $138.00 in food stamps. Then the legislatures voted themselves a raise and at the next evaluation our stamps were cut to $84.00. With the succeeding  government employee raises our food stamps were cut to $68.00  and now this month they have been cut to $66.00. Of course with the increased gas and trucking costs food prices have also raised. But the politicians have to get their raises from somebody so of course it is us the lowest people on the totem pole. Maybe Pres. Bush will declare mustard a vegetable emulating Pres.Reagan when he officially declared to America's school children that  Ketchup was a vegetable. This way I might have at least two vegetables in my home at all times.

rickdogood rickdogood
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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

This is a tragedy. No one should go hungry in this country or in the world for that matter. I can't understand it! People throw out huge amounts of food each day! If you lived in Connecticut, I would share my vegetable garden with you!