26, Female, & Going Bald.....

I'm 26, female & going bald. I don't "think" I'm losing my hair... I am. And it scares me when I let myself think about it, which I try not to do. It started when I was around 21. I've learned that dramatic changes in weight can make this happen, so I think that's a big part of it. But I think it must also be hereditary. My mother, though not bald, has very little hair. She has gray hair & you can see her scalp through it & she has apparently had hair like that since she was my age or younger. I lost over 200 lbs abt 5 yrs ago & that's around the time it started. I didn't know until a few months ago that it could have had anything to do with the weight loss. Lately though, the hair loss has been getting far worse. Clumps of my hair come out every time I wash it or brush it, & at least 10 or 15 strands come out every time I even run my hands through it. I found out about a month ago that a medicine I was put on in around April to control the Bipolar disorder that I have causes hair loss, which is why it's been falling out so much more than usual. I seem to be the only one who ever notices though, luckily. I'm still pretty & I'm not bald, though I worry what I'll look like 5 years from now. Five years ago, when I was 21 & my hair first started falling out, I said to my friend that I would probably be bald by the time I turned 25. Well, 25 came & went & I'm still not bald, so, with any luck, I'll still have hair when I'm 31. Even with the hair loss & with the fear of losing even more looming over me, I still wouldn't trade losing the weight & taking the medicine, for my hair. I would love to have all of my hair the way I used to, but I'd much rather be healthier, both physically & mentally & keep losing my hair, than be unhealthy, physically & mentally, & keep it.

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I'm 21 and for a couple years now i've been noticing my hair getting really thin in the front... I am over weight but i haven't lost or gained much weight over the last years. I'm starting to get a little freaked out by it. My mom has thin hair also and said the same thing about her noticing it around my age.