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Hair Loss...

It is likely due to either stress (there's tons of that to go around, I'm sure you know,) and/or your eating habits. There's tons of bad for you food out there too. Also, it can be caused by other consumptions such as chemicals, including drugs prescribed for certain things, such as psychosis and those following surgeries designed to provide a way to fight off infections after having the surgery. Most topical solutions won't work at all other than to wake up the scalp and possibly cause the follicle to "want" to produce new hair to replace the one lost from it. However, without the bulbous bit at the base of the hair strand, the part that keeps it stuck in the follicle, it won't matter. You need to determine, likely, what is causing that bulb to diminish in size relative to your follicle's size. That will be your best cure.

Unless your hair loss is due only to it being a breakage issue...such as dry hair splitting into more than one piece per strand. That's something again you should take into consideration, concerning your consumption of healthy foods and few chemicals that could damage the hair shaft, but this condition could also be due to the "shingles" of the hair shaft not laying down due to processing damage, such as colourings that are too harsh and contain metals that damage the elasticity of the hair, bleach, any double process used on the hair at all, including but not limited to "foiling." or "chunking" blocks of your hair. Breakage can also be caused by heat styling due to blow drying too much, or flat irons. Always put on a thermal protectant before applying heat for styling your hair.

Look into maybe getting a prenatal vitamin, if you're a female. These vitamins are not specifically designed for hair management, but provide an overall mega dose of all things that are good to a female's body, including maintaining healthy tissues and organs, including skin. In that maintenance are also vitamins and minerals to promote healthy eyes, teeth, nails and yes, hair. You can procure these without a prescription and without being pregnant, of course, Just visit your local GNC store and ask for help finding them. You can also pick up, from the same place, vitamins targeting hair skin and nails only.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure MAKE SURE IN THE PROVIDED LABEL LISTING OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS TO ONLY GET NICINAMIDE ... DO NOT GET NIACIN. Taking daily pills containing straight niacin can cause a niacin overdose and consequently lead to niacin poisoning which can cause horrible flushing of the skin and body and you'll feel like you're on fire from the inside.
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