Scared And Not Sure Whats Next..losing My House

I am divorcing my husband of 12 years and losing my house. I have days where I know I can do this. I can conquer this huge elephant in the room, foreclosure, and then I have days where I can't hold my head up. My family only has words of support and that "I can get through this". The only thing is they are not experiencing this alone like I am. My ex is not supportive or helpful with the process. I work for people who are extremely judgmental on my situation so I have been very tight lipped. At this time I am working a full 9-5 job on the week day and then supplimenting a very physical job on the weekends that is killing me. I keep weighing the plus and the minus but even with a loan modification I still can't afford it.
There are already two houses on my street that have been foreclosed on and I was so determined to not go that direction. I just don't see anyway out with the houses around me sitting for sale for almost a year. I watched my neighbor put tons of money into his house to sell and still lose money. I don't have any equity and the house has well issues and needs a new roof.
So this brings me to here and now and I can't believe I just told my life to a website. I wanted to find others that may be or have had a similar experience with foreclosure.
amitycw amitycw
36-40, F
Nov 27, 2012