Slowly Sliping Away

Every day I feel like I'm slowly Sliping away. I gess my life isn't as bad as mosts but its still hard when it seems like no one thinks that informing me about a thing is inportant. I will always put on a smile but when my friend calls me and talks about how a so called friend of hers goes on and on about liking her boy friend but says its a diffrent guy. I want to jump up and go put that girl in her place yet she makes me promise not to. Or everyday dealing with some new fight or drama. Then going home to a mom who when you talk to her the onlything she replys with is a life lession. While my dad doesn't offer much input. I sware meditation and faith in karma {god & goddesss} amd myself is the only thing that holds me togeather half the time.
EternalHowling EternalHowling
13-15, F
Jan 9, 2013