Im Losing It...

slowly but surely... I feel myself becoming numb to things I used to be so sensitive too.. I dont feel like myself.. I feel like my sanity is dropping and is slowly turning into insanity.. I feel blank sometimes... I feel like ive been robbed of my emotions... at least certain ones... I do not have anger... and my mind feels like its starting to block my sadness.. I feel like im an animal just let out of its cage... I feel like feeling pain... I want things ive never wanted before... I hate things I used to like,  My sanity is giving up..I mean.. it could be temporary! hopefully.. I wouldnt want my fiance to leave me because im crazy. well.. Im going to try and bring myself back to sanity! peace!

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5 Responses Jan 23, 2009

i've been getting number for some time now, i guess you could consider it strenghth, lately it's just been a sense of lack of energy to care... like i should be fretting about this mind slip, but i don't wanna exert over it.

Most definately.. Every new experience will be felt hard.. and will Bring you down and Make you feel manic.. But after a while you get so numb.. so much stronger.

I'm losing my mind every day too. Everytime I let my thoughts out without intending to, a strong emtion of anger or sadness or frustration comes, except that over the past year, i'm becoming numb to the experience, the emotion that comes is weakening, I care less. I'm torn over weather that is a good thing or a bad thing. It shows how crazy I am becoming, that such craziness no longer bothers me so badly, but also being bothered less badly may make me less depressed. However in actuality it is making me more depressed knowing that i'm subjected to such a horrible experience so frequently it's lost it's edge.

I sympathize for you as another person in agony. I figure I'm losing my mind too, but my experience is almost entirely opposite of yours.<br />
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I'm not numb--I'm feeling more deeply than I've felt in so long I can't remember, and it hurts like hell as my insides are being shredded, and I wouldn't make it stop even if I could. I'm feeling like a pretty messed up human being, but at least I'm feeling human these days.<br />
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Is it your mind or your heart that's at the root of your ache? I think it matters a whole lot which one. In general, being guys, we can force our minds to get back with the program, if only temporarily. It's our hearts we'll lose before our minds. You're young. Don't get to middle age before you realize it's OK to feel a lot of weird stuff.

do yoga 3 hour a day. Do lots of physical exercises. read humourous books. Visit beaches, parks, museums. Distract yourself. Try to take a vacation even if for a day. Belive that God loves you, each and every hair of your body is important to Him. Trust Him. Better days will come. Just Persever.