I Have A Mom With Stage 4 Lung Cancer..

I joined this group for support. When you are dealing with losing a parent its hard to face alone. Mom has Stage 4 lung Cancer, inoperable kind, which has metastisized to her bones. We are very close, since she had me when she was 18. She has been my best friend, and its hard to watch her die slowly. Everytime I see her, she grows weaker. I don't cry in front of her b-cuz she gets too upset. I cry on my hubbys shoulder at night. She was just diagnosed in February, was in the hospital twice, and now in a nursing facility. She lost 15 pounds in a month, and fell down at home. She lives alone, and is very independent. I can see the Cancer sucking her energy from her body. She looks like a skeleton, and her cheeks are all sucked in.. Saw her last night and hugged her, and didn't want to ever let go.. :) thanks 4 listening.. Sherry
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sorry i just realized how old this post was.

Stay strong for her that is what i keep geting told to do because my mom has cancer and it went to her liver and is inoperable and they have tried chemo and a drug trial and niether worked and now they dont know what to do in 6 months instead of shrinking and going away like drs said it would it has double in size after 4 monthes and we dont know how big it is now just that it is still growing as the drs are clueless on what to do. So stay strong for her that is what i have been told and i know it is hard but try.

My hearts goes out to you. I lost my mom to colon cancer on thanksgiving day 2010, she was 60yrs old, She celebrated her 60 bday on the first of November, so we were greatful for that. Continue to enjoy the time you have left and take this time to discuss anything with your mom that may be in your heart. Even though losing my mom was and still is very hard for me, I will continue to cherish her in my heart and actions and you should do the same.

Hello Sherry, it's very sad about your mum.I understand and know what you are feeling, I lost my dad some years ago to throat cancer.It is very hard seeing someomes life disappear before your eyes. Give them as much love as you can ,tell them you love them every time you see them .Look at them the way they where before happy and full of life and never forget them this way. fr smile2147