Bone Loss

I've always had bad teeth even as a child,I had caps on them but I don't really think they were important.Now that I'm an adult my health is not all that great.I'm a diebetic I have Lichen Planus it an autoimune desease,there's no cure and it effects different parts of the body,nails scalp gums and a few other personal parts,now I lost my job a couple of months ago and I had great benefits,but I don't have any insurance now so I know I'm loosing my teeth faster than I need to be,I'm loosing bone my teeth seem to shift overnight,my gums bleed I have a back tooth that has broken off so severly.I need help I'm not an ugly woman I can't have my mouth looking like what I'm afraid its going to look like.
alicerainer alicerainer
May 23, 2012