Depressed About Losing My Teeth

I am only 46 and I am going to have my eight front teeth pulled because of peridontial disease.  I am very nervous and was wondering what ways others have dealt with the loss of the teeth! Let me know!

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I'm 31 years old and have had braces, jaw surgery, due to braces, I have very little roots, I was left to find out on my own that I have severe root resorption, I use to trust dentist, now I'm afraid of them, I cry every time I go to a dentist, knowing quite possibly that I'm going to lose my teeth. At the time I got braces placed on my teeth I had a overbite, and when I had the surgery, I was left with permanent numbness and have no feeling on my right side of my jaw and my lips burn. The jaw Surgery did Nothin for me, my jaw relapsed, if I could go
back in time I wouldn't of been so trustworthy, and if I had more knowledge, I would of just gotten a night guard, but the dentistry industry is in it to make money and I have to live with this decision for the rest of my life.

Im in the same position. I dont know what to do either. I have one very loose one. They say take 4 of mine and have a denture plate. It shd be an easy decision so why is it sooo hard. I don't feel I can tell even my closest friends xx

Well, I am 20 years older than you and I have perfect front teeth, until one day I went to check the pain that was causing my front one #2 to slide down and outward.<br />
I was depressed when the dentist started to tell me about surgeries because of my periodental disease. This disease I discovered is making me a bone loss that requires surgery and bone grafting. The proposed bill is outrageous as a co-pay.<br />
That particular tooth is ignored by the dentist and now I am very depressed. At least he did not suggest to ease my pain or take an X-ray to see what is causing the pain. Perhaps there is a tumor that is pushing my tooth downward.<br />
Is it time for me to have a denture? I am hesitating and do not have the luxury of taking days off. My smile is getting worse every day but I am looking for a good dentist who can TALK to me. I live in Columbia, MD.

Well thanks for the comments! It has been about five or more weeks now since I had me front top teeth pulled! It was painful for a couple weeks but I am adjusting. One thing that is really nice is that my teeth look really pretty now and people do not know that I wear false teeth! It took a couple weeks of getting used too but now I sleep in my false teeth and really only take them out once a week for a through cleaning. goes on...and the good news is I look better!

I know someone that likes toothless women mail me and I can get someone for you.<br />
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My uncle in law had all his teeth pulled voluntarily because he was tired of dealing with problems with them. I thought wow, he's just nuts but that's just how he is. He doesn't seem to connect superficial emotions to things that don't need them. I guess all I'm trying to say is that it's all in how you think about it.<br />
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Sorry I don't have experience to offer - I just thought it was interesting about my uncle.

Well, I haven't gone through it yet, but I know that just as soon as I get my dental insurance situated I will have to ... at a considerably younger age ... 31. I'm relatively sure that it's going to be most if not all the upper teeth though ... false teeth at 31 is going to suck .. but it's unavoidable as they are causing some rather serious health issues .. and have been over the past 3 years.<br />
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Dentists scare the hell out of me more than most other things...primarily because of how bad my teeth are, so...I'm hoping to get an oral surgeon for this rather than drawn out dental work, unless a good number of teeth can be saved .. and even then I'm not sure how drawn out I'd want to go...root canals ... .. . . well, let's just say the only 1 I did get done ... 12 years ago .. I still remember clear enough to cringe.<br />
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Honestly? Knowing the headaches and a nice chunk of feeling like crap every day would be resolved as a result of the teeth getting done, is the one thing that makes it a bearable concept .. because as much as I fear dentists .. ... having headaches on a daily basis, though not motivation enough to get it dealt with.