Lightest Ive Been Since 2007

Since i hit 40 a couple of years ago,i had steadily put on about 20 pounds,so i decided before my birthday in January,i would try and lose it......i started in July and now in November i have lost 33 pounds in weight, i went to see the nurse at the health centre for a blood test and she asked me how much i had lost,then she weighed me and after checking my medical records,she told me the last time i weighed what i do now was in 2007....I now weigh 15 stone and 7 pounds
mukydaz mukydaz
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2011

Well done to you,still trying to go alot further down to my happy weight but since i hit 40 i seem to be finding it harder to motivate myself to get past 15 into the 14s