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I am losing weight. I've lost 40lbs in the last two months. That might sound like a lot to people, but I am obese and obese people can lose weight much faster than the average person because our bodies so badly want to rid themselves of the weight.

I used to weight over 400lbs but I lost over 200, mainly through diet, but a bit through exercise, got down to about 185lbs and kept it off for over five years. Then, my mother became very ill and I almost lost her. She's all I have in the world and while she was away in hospitals and nursing homes with congestive heart failure, I started gaining weight back. I continued gaining it for the next 3-4 years until I ended up at almost 400lbs again. I am now 350lbs and plan on losing it all again. It's not easy considering that we have little money and I get little exercise due to being a virtual recluse because of my agoraphobia. But I'm sure I will lose it. I did it before and it wasn't hard.

If anyone reads this, I would appreciated no rude words about my weight and I also don't want to hear ways in which I can lose the weight. I've already lost it before-- over 200lbs worth-- so I know how to do it. Thanks :)
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I admire you for working at losing weight. I know a lot of people who just don't care about their weight and they just let themselves go.<br />
If you don't mind me asking, how are you losing the weight? Is there any particular diet or exercise regimen you're following? I weigh a lot more than people my age and height should way and I'd really like some tips on how to lose weight if you have any. Thanks and good luck

Hello :) Well, the only thing I did was walk more, cut down on sugar, switch to whole grain pastas and breads instead of white, and use fat free/low fat, sugar free/low sugar versions of products I normally use. Nothing else that I can think of :)

Good luck girl I'm here for you. Good luck on your journey. Add me if you like. God bless you