Its Not That I Think Im Fat..

Ever since my surgery my eating habits have changed.. But recently ive realised that im barely eating anything.. I watched a show called embarrassing bodies and there was a woman on because she had a build up of fat tissue in her vagina.. This was because of her c-section scar.. After watching I became scared that I might end up like that because I have the same scar.. People are saying that I will never be like that cause im a good weight for my height.. But tbh??.. It has scared the life outme.. Im not eating hardly anymore and I just cant find myself getting back into my eating habits.. Is this a form of an eating disorder or am I just scared??.. I know when I get back to workand excercising again things will be different.. I guess im just paranoid??
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I wonder if maybe you're just not hungry. I always thought of eating disorders dealing with those who fear eating becuase of weight gain or having low-self esteem. It doesn't sound like you're fighting to urge to eat, you just seem like you've noticed you're not eating.