Progress, Not Perfection

In early December 2012 I weighed 247.
Yesterday, I weighed 222. 
Today, I walked thirty minutes and that is not all the exercise I'll get. 
In addition to grief and heartbreak, I have simply been watching my portion sizes and drinking more water in addition to walking for exercise. 
That's it. Nothing fancy, nothing overly-ambitious; Line upon line and precept upon precept, I'm eating this elephant one bite at a time. 

I owe this to myself as well as my loved ones; this taking care of myself is tantamount to sanity and my ability to function. At 41, it's better late than never. And having been in extremely fit athletic shape before, I both know how to do this and know what my body looks like when I am fit; I am so looking forward to reaching my physical goals! And in the meantime, I'm enjoying this journey, every step of it, and am already starting to reap the psychological benefits of exercise. 

2/24/2013: I weighed yesterday and have apparently plateaued at 219. Still, the weight loss is significant; I can wear things I hadn't worn in literally years and still feel better. I've pre-registered for a membership at anytime fitness and will be paying for the membership and start using it in one week from today, after my next  payday, the first of which will have two full weeks of wages (as the first check I got was only for one week). 
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Love it! Eating this elephant one bite at a time that l b my new primal motto! That is great and excellent, slow n steady paves the course!