Hello Everyone-
I am back home after a wild time in the hospital-some of it I can't remember and some I have it confused. I don't know what happened to me to make me go into the hospital and don't understand how I became so very heavy -almost to my all time high of 813 lbs. Husband and doctor all have told me but I don't remember what they said. So I have to read the comments and updates. What is happening now is what I'll write about and I still get confused about things. I am having problems remembering how to use this site and pushing buttons on the keyboard= many misspellings takes me a long time and my fingers don't quite work- not limber.
Since being home, I have been out side everyday and got sun. It was much needed and Yesterday a had a few pictures taken of me -All the family says I look good. Do I really? My yard is beautiful and I see some roses on the bushes. I walked outside and sat down on a bench, sturdy enough to hold me. I found that my weigh in this morning showed me at 704 lbs. I am hopefull that my weight will get down to 630 by Halloween then 580 by Christmas week. That's aggressive but so far everything is working for me. Can see myself at 580.
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Wow, you hit 800 pounds in the hospital?

It's great to know you're back home, here's hoping you feel better soon.

Thank You friend! I feel better everyday. I got up early this morning (5:25) - 2hours ago and and I tried to make coffe for myself. It didn't work out for me. I did have to laugh, because I just had the thought that if an extraterrestrial came here they would be looking at our "robots". It's the one that makes our coffee and then trhe toaster. But I still couldn't get the coffee maker going after I struggled to load it up. I will just have to get a single cup coffee maker with the handle- Kuerig one!!!!! The toaster must not have been used in a year- It wouldn't turn on. I give up. The good, was that I tried and I walked bymyself all 704 lbs. of me. What would an extraterrestrial thing of me when it saw me? The same that you would if you saw me today? Would they figure it out and would they have a raygun that would melt my weight.? or the raygun just make me get even fatter and fatter and fatter? Is there a person than cast a spell on me or give me a potion ti make me lose my excess weight? or would it just make me fatter and fatter and fatter? Should I just be happy at my size-no matter what size I am ?

I don't quite know the best answer but I think an important thing about it is whether you're happy.