I don't mean to... I really don't but I've noticed that I don't eat much anymore and when I noticed I stopped not eating. But I was still losing pounds by days or weeks it scared me a little .
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This is not normal you could have a thyroid problem

Mix chocolate milk with heavy cream, and drink s much as you can - it will increase your appetite and fatten you up as well.


Hey, it really works...please try it


Let me know how you are doing over the next few days, OK?


After today I will be gone until next Wednesday, but I really can help you gain weight and get chubby...please add me as a friend

Did you try the milk/creme?

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If you're scared talk to someone. Find the school nurse or your doctor and tell them how you're feeling. Really anyone will do but nurse, doctors and therapist have the benefit of confidentiality unless your health is at risk.

I just don't know...

I can only make the suggestion. The next part is on you. Good luck and good health.