Unfortunately I'm too lazy to take before and after pictures. Here is my story.

I've almost always been a healthy kid up until I turned about 10-11. I started to eat a lot more ice cream and fatty foods and up until I was 14 I was a very chubby kid. At 14 I enrolled in a gym and began losing weight and becoming lean but after my membership expired I turned right back to the way I was.

After my parents divorce I moved to London with my dad and started seriously losing weight and became lean and fit in a matter of months with a strict diet. After moving back to qatar with my mom, I continued to watch what I ate and was on and off my diet for about 8 months. Then I started gaining weight.

I reached my maximum of 105 kg. For a 16 year old boy that is not good at all. I started going on and off diets but I kept quitting over and over never jesting more than 3 weeks. I got fat, lazy and slobby and started to care less and less about my health.

Two months ago I decided enough was enough and I started seriously starting my diet with no intention to back down.

The first two weeks were extremely challenging and I started to kick my old habits. I stopped carbonated drinks, limited my carbohydrates intake, completely have up fast food, gave up juices and started counting my calories. I craved Popeyes, KFC, Hardee's, ice cream but I controlled myself.

I am proud to say now that my eating choices and habits have become second nature. After almost 2 months I now weigh 92.5 kg as opposed to my starting weight of 105. I hate cardio and do I occasionally but that's just to let you guys know that bodies are made in the kitchen not the gym. I still exercised regularly by doing strength training, swimming and playing sports but I could say on the whole that's the most weight I've ever lost by being lazy and just controlling what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. I am still going strong and I'm going to continue to diet until I've lost the weight I want before starting to gym more hardcore.
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sounds great! cheers!