i started my "journey," as i like to think of it, three days ago, when i made and insta gram and felt inspired by the fitness pages i saw on there. (sooo many beautiful bodies :0 ) i started at 132.0 lbs on day 1, and today i am at 130.0 :) i have been eating healthily and working out like crazy, plus increased my dihydrogen dioxide supplementation ;) and so far it has been working. im keeping my fingers crossed so that maybe i can continue to get lighter at this lovely rate, but i know it will slow as i lose more body fat. either way, im gonna get down to 125.5 lbs at the most.
also, i started drinking orange juice and parsley tea in small amounts, as well as taking in lots of calcium and doing lots of pec exercises. i hope that this might keep my estrogen levels up so that i remain feminine-looking and that my period comes back (its late again this month. not preggers though, i promise.). maybe i'll even grow a pair of boobs lol. who knows? wish meh luck!
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*dihydrogen MONoxide, that is. sorries lol

Your height ?!

5'4 3/4