Half Way!

Ok so this is not meant to offend anyone, but I always get a little annoyed by females with the body I'd love obsessing about 10-15 lbs. I'm not here to belittle your success or anything of that sort, but if I only had 10-15 lbs to lose to be at my goal weight, Id probably die from a deliriously happy heart attack!

I hate to post numbers but the other skinny minnie weight loss stories were kinda depressing to a heavy girl like me, so I'm hoping that my story might help more people of my type.

I am 5'9". Tall for a girl yes. But I weighed 225 when I got pregnant, 250 when the baby came out, and unlike most women, gained weight after she was born to 285! Horrific, I know! Try being a new mom, tired, depressed, alcoholic husband, and waking up and seeing that in the mirror every day!

Anywho, that lasted about a year and a half. I suspected something was wrong because of my rapid weight gain and just how yucky I was feeling. Headaches, always tired, stomach aches, bad mood etc etc. Always. I went to the Dr in March of 2008 (1 year ago!) and discovered I had type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure! Yes I probably gave myself diabetes but if you've ever had it, you know its a snowball effect. When your sugar is high, your body just stores all its fat. When you gain weight, its much harder to control your sugar. I cant say uncontrolled diabetes was entirely responsible for my weight problems, but the year Ive spent on medication has shown me just how big a role it played.

As soon as I got on meds I started losing weight, without doing much. However I was flabbergasted that Id done this to myself, and started eating lower carb, lower cal, and being more active. I took it very slowly, finally getting up to 30 mins on the exercise bike and eating only 160 carbs daily (most people eat 300+), in August.

However, then my life fell apart. I told my then husband that if he didn't quit drinking, I couldn't take it anymore and was going to divorce him. Rather than try to quit something he was entitled to, he moved out. And well, there you go. I continued losing weight, mostly from stress since that same stress caused my eating/sleeping/exercising habits to become trash. It was really slow.

Finally I'm getting happier and am going to go hardcore on this weight thing. It was nice to get out the the 20's sizes in jeans! Also I'm a single mom living in a tiny town that up until now has had no gym. One is opening March 7th, I can afford it for once, and they have childcare! I'm really excited.

I do have a long way to go still, but I cannot deny my success so far. Sometimes I dont believe it, but the scale still tells me it' so. Ive lost a total of 75 lbs. Take that skinny minnies! Ive lost 6 sizes in jeans. I weigh 215, which is still a far cry from my goal of 160, but hell! If I can do 75, I can certainly do 55! My mom tells me how good I'm looking every time she sees me. Honestly I know I'm bigger than most girls, but I think I carry it well (yay yay self esteem!). My bf tells me how attractive he finds me and that he loves my curves. I dont really think I look that bad, because I get lots of compliments on my face. HOWEVER - I do want to be healthy, get rid of my diabetes, get off blood pressure meds, and most importantly, feel happy with myself. Anyone who has been heavy a long time knows what I mean. We start tieing our self worth to our weight, inversely. The higher the weight gets, the less we're worth.

Plus Id just love to wear a bathing suit without feeling like a whale, or to actually exercise outside without feeling like everyone who is driving by is snickering. Id like to wear a sundress, and sleeveless shirts.  :) And shorts! And heck, someday a really short skirt with killer heals!

So with the gym opening and maybe having a work out buddy and by bf coming to visit me in a month or 2, I'm going to be getting even healthier and hopefully even prettier, even skinnier, and then when my scrumptious man comes he wont be able to keep his hands off me. :D I mean come on, just the thought of him makes me sweat and breathe heavy, I bet I could lose weight from that alone. Hopefully with that and the gym, I can make all my steamy dreams come true! :D



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congrats on yor new baby ! Sorry about your situation with your husbands issues

Southern sweet, its not uncomon for woman after giving birth to devleope type 2 because what you eat and what the baby takes in are all togetehr different, whats not ingested by the baby is stored into your fat tishues. what happens like sugar, your pankrious can not keep up with the influx of gloclose. It still fnctions it just has a hard time balancing your inciline and gloclose. So that is why you need to take pills till you get your weight back down to where it was before you were varrying your baby. If you are looking into a diet plan, talk with your doctor and or a Dietician, thats the safest way to lose weight and it will be monitored. Once you have started the weight loss, you will start to notice you will get your energy back, you won't feel as tired and your appitite will change. The nmore foods with less carbs, more nutients that will kick your metabolism into high gear will help burn the weight as well. Make sure you are not depleting yourself of the vital liquids and check into taking vitamins, they will supliment what you may be missing in the foods you eat.

Thank yo all for taking the time to read and comment! And cap, you are wonderful as always. Even hearing almost strangers say they are proud of you is wonderfully uplifting. :) I've even lost 6 lbs since I posted this. (Hercules Hercules Hercules!)<br />
As for that weight, I refuse to take it back. I suggest you find an underweight individual to pass it on to. :D They are likely to be the only ones to appreciate it. :p

I'm pretty upset with you...............it seems that being the kind considerat soul that I am, I keep finding that weight you keep losing, I have stored on my hips and stomach in the event you need it back!.............just kidding, you should be congratulated, it is a hard thing to do and no one wants to admit it, ,but harder for women to lose than men and I'm proud of you and happy for you as well.........thank you for sharing your story, this could help someone else........

That's a really great story, you're doing so well! Congratulaions! :)

I loved your post. I know exactly where you are coming from. I am 5'9" as well and when I went to the hospital in labor with my daughter I was 225 pounds. It has been really hard to lose the weight. She will be 2 and I finally lost the last 20 pounds of baby weight. I am still not where I want to be and where I am happiest with myself. I still have 25 pounds for that. Congrats on the 75 pound loss, I know it is hard. You seem like you are making the right choices in your life and doing it for yourself. Good luck on the 55 you want to lose I know you can do it.

I am so happy I ran across this story. First off, Congratulation's. 75 pounds is a huge accomplishment, and it seems like you have a good grip on weight loss, not only for vanity but for health, which is what I loved about this post SOO much! Best of luck on the rest of your journey. Take care!

Your story is really inspirational. Thank you for posting this.