To Date I Have Lost...

A little more then a year ago I saw a picture of myself at the beach with some friends and I looked like a beached Shamu. I think I cried for all of an hour, before I made myself get up and head to the local Weight Watchers meeting in town and sign up. When I joined I was 315 pounds and wanted to hide my head in shame for letting myself get so large. Over the last year I have really tried my best to stick to the plan and work out as much as I can, and to date I have lost 80 pounds and am currently at 235. I know that is still considered overweight, but I feel amazing. I started in a size 26/28 jeans and am currently down to a size 18. I have really worked out a lot this last year and it really made me proud to know that I finally stuck to something. I have about 50-60 pounds left to lose, because I have a larger frame and would look ridiculous if I tired to lose even more than that. I am hoping that if I stick to my plan I will be able to lose the remaining weight by the end of this year I have a family reunion to go to and a wedding to attend, and I want to show my friends and fmaily that I did it. I stopped eating my feelings and got control of my life back. I hope anyone else who is now going through this experience finds the same motivation I found and I hope they  also find the results they went looking for!

GreenEyedGrl GreenEyedGrl
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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Congratulations on your achievement. I've been working on raising fitness and reducing weight. It's worth it. Was about 16 st 2 lbs on 31 Jan and now about 15st 2lbs after diet mainly of raw food, jacket potatoes, beans and some fruit. Aiming to be under 15 stone by birthday on 26 Feb when I'm 57. I'm feeling much better than I was.