I'm Losing Weight.

so here is my story.   I have lost 40 pounds since i broke up with my ex.   I've been on some really disasterous dates and just decided i'm sick and tired of being fat and having men not find me attractive....the last straw was when this a- hole guy i just met told me "do you know how hot you would be if you lost weight?"   That really messed with my mind.    I was the fattest i've ever been in my life.  weight was almost 320...now i'm down to 270 my goal is to be less than 200.I haven't been under that weight since i was i a freshman in high school  It has been 6 months and i'm down 40 pounds..    I've always been a fat chick.   Its always been an issue but i was always too depressed and would stuff my feelings away with food to do anything to change it.   I was addicted to food.  So since the breakup i have started exercising daily.  Cut out sodas and pretty much everything and just eat healthy and less and walk more.    Basically i'm killing myself to reach a weight that i wasn't happy with when i was at it.    and i'm going back to therapy.    I don't want to be that fat chick anymore.  

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Exactly! I'm tired/was tired of being fat but finally started my journey. NOT to being skinny but to being fitand healthy! I could write a LONG LONG story of my journey but I have 80 pounds more to go. Like I said to someone else: Don't wait until you're too sick/fat to do something. Do it NOW while you still can. The benefits are so worth it. You have to picture yourself healthier>thinner>happier(I DO) and I have lost about 20 lbs in the past 3 weeks. No pills, and definitely no fads or fasting. Message me if you want details.