I Lost My Life Goals Help

Hello there, I'm 17 years old and I think I lost my life goals...
My parents are divorced, I can live with that. My mother is living in Portugal, and I'm living with my dad and sister in Canada.
My dad is an hot headed person, basically the minor thing results in a discussion about it.
I was living with my mom and doing high school, grade 11, in a software engineering course in Portugal (Computer programming), and i loved it, but with 1 year left to finishing my course, my dad called me telling that he wanted me to go to Canada to live and finishing my studies. I didn't know what to do, losing all my friends and family and mom, to live with him and my sister. Fist I thought a lot about it, I spoke to my teachers in Portugal asking for advice and they told me that it was a great opportunity to live a new life, but i didn't want do lose my course because it was really good with great job output / university output.
I went to Canada started school and now I'm in grade 12 studying almost the same thing but it's really retarded here and feels like grade 9.
I worked in summer time with my dad in construction, I earned 18$/hour and believe it or not I enjoyed it.
Grade 12 started, my dad is always telling me to get a part-time job during school, but I don't know why, I tried to search something but I'm afraid to work?!, I am ashamed of working?! I don't know! I can't find anything that I like.
My father want me to go to university and also i received a letter from my school telling me to go to university because i have high skills in programming but I don't know why I don't want to go! I lost my goals of going to university, i lost my love from programming although i like it, i just don't know why i don't want to study more of it.
I think it was the impact from the difference between the school in Portugal and Canada that made me think like this, and now people ask me, what do you want to do after high school? University or Collage?, and I answer, "none" I think i'm just going to work with my dad. What is wrong with me?!

Also i have another thing to tell.
I don't spend much time with friends, basically only in school and it's not much. Even my walking now is like a dead person, i lost my energy, i walk slowly i just want to go home.
What i love most is my headphones and my music and it's Metallica i don't know why, such an energetic music and i look like a dead person.
I don't care about the others thoughts i just live my own life. (I wasn't like that, i used to love my friends...)
All i do at home is nothing, look at the computer.
I used to be a game addict in computer but believe it or not i don't enjoy playing games anymore and i do nothing. I watch some YouTube videos and that's it.
I'm not really lazy or "Fat" I like sports although i don't practice nothing. Again, i lost my energy for going out and play.

I really need help from someone, I cant ask my family of course, that's why i'm asking here what to do. Thanks for reading my story. Sorry for the bad English, it's not my main language.
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Maybe you should just go back to Portugal, if you liked it there and were doing well in school and enjoyed your friends......what does Canada have that Portugal doesn't have........ besides hockey and snow? Follow your heart and you will end up in the right place. Good luck and don't give up.......your life had just begun!!

I also thought about that a couple of months ago, but that's not an answer now, I'm not a kid anymore that needs to follow my friends, if you know what i mean... And even if i go to Portugal now, what am i going to do there? Portugal is in bad shape, and since i'm here with a stable economic position, i should find an answer for my future :)... Anyways, thanks a lot for trying to help, and today i did something that might change my life or not, i posted an ad on Kijiji, talking about my programming school knowledge and hopefully someone finds my ad and contacts me :). Thanks again.