This Poison In My Mind

I know who I am, I am a broken second hand human that cannot compete with this world.  All  i feel is hate, all i know is lies, fear envelopes me.  I want to see the end of this world, I want to see the rich brought low and the poor uplifted.  This world will end, and when it does all of our creations, our cities, our nations, our society, will end.  Our ignorance, and our illusions hide the truth from us, but the truth is real, the truth is larger than all of us, and the truth will destroy that which it created as it has said.  Your fears and worries mean nothing, you are not here to satisfy your wants and needs, you are here to live and die, that is all, but it is more important than any of us can imagine.
RomulusIII RomulusIII
May 30, 2011