Could Life Be Hell?

I am at a spiritual crossroads in my life I don't really know which way to go.  There is so much counter-intelligence in this world it is hard to know what the truth is.  I have noticed the main things humans back their exsistence on is what they believe and not what they know.  For instance "I believe jesus was the son of god so i am a christian" verses "i know jesus is the son of god so i am a christian".  I have heard convincing arguements for all belief systems and I can actually come up with good reasons to choose any beleif system.  The thing that kills me is none of us know the truth.  i often question if there is a God why does he not bother to show himself to us since he wants us to worship him and why did he make the world so confusing.  I also wonder if God is good why did he allow evil in the world.  Christians say it was the devil who did but that is such a bs excuse for me if you are going to give god credit for creating everything that means god created evil as well, he even created satan.  And since god is all knowing god knew what he was doing when he did so, so therefore god must have a bad side as well as a good side if he exsists.  Then ideas come to my mind like maybe Satan is God's dark alter ego and they are infact the same entity he is God when you do as he commands and he is the devil when you dont.  i also wonder if we are al gods children and he loves us all equally wouldn't he want us to all go to heaven and since he's god could he not have made us with out the ability to sin.  Why even make us go through life why not take us straight to heaven.  I also am starting to roll around the idea in my head that life maybe hell.  Think about it.  What worse hell is there than to live with death lurking over your shoulder all the time?  What worse hell is there than not knowing the meaning of your existance? What worse hell is there then developing love for other people just to see them die one day?  What worse hell is there than to be human (since being born is a sin) ?  Maybe we should top trying to escape hell in the after life because life is hell
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I strongly sympathize with your quandaries friend.

I find myself plagued every day with angst towards the "brainwashing" or disinformation in this world.

Be it political garbage, religious garbage, scientific garbage, all of it is no better than the celebrity garbage. There are countless lies that are believed as truths.

A big example is obviously christianity. It's a common belief in those religions that Jesus died so that the world may be forgiven of it's sins. This is really just a lie. Sure, if you wanna feel better about sinning and use Jesus to help you feel better, that's great. But the basic concept that one great person paid the price for all of our sins isn't really believed by the God that I talk with. Sure, he will be there for christians when they need it. But really, Jesus died cause of evil men, not cause he needed to pay any pennance for all of humanity. That's just teachings meant to brainwash populaces.

Also, you said that God does not show himself. Well, in my opinion, he is just shy. He has shown himself very very much to me the past while. But frankly, it took a lot of communicating with him to get him to communicate well with me. The truth is it sounds like he would much rather have our forgiveness to him rather than have us worship him. The idea of worshipping God is brainwashing to try and get humans to accept the belief that they are a lower being and must submit to higher beings. God wouldn't have you believe such things.

Now, as far as God and satan being the same. It's not really true. There's a lot of religious gibberish that talks of multiple personages all being a part of one person or something. A lot of christians think Jesus was god himself. Not true. I talk with Jesus as well and he is just a cool dude, he's not god, just a loving guy. He didn't die so that you can be forgiven when you don't exercise enough or some crap. But he would be willing to let you believe that if it made you feel better.

The reality is that satan is just one being. But he is the leader of a band of very evil beings. These persons rebelled against God and are working with living humans to ensure this world's utter destruction. He is just sort of trying to spit in the face of God and make his little creation called earth fail. Unfortunatley, it seems like he's winning and most likely will win with great destructions against the human species. This is the last decade with any hope for peace. Before the end of this decade the world will be bent on hunger and famine. Soon there will be diseases, likely lab engineered ones released on the populations in order to achieve their population reduction schemes. Too much bad is going to happen, so really, all God wants is for this world to stop killing itself. Not to have everybody worship him. He would trade his life for ours.