To tell you the truth I'm only 13. My grandma died a few weeks ago, one of my best friend thinks that I'm going to betray her, the guy I have a crush on keeps on talking about these two other girls which are also my great friends of mine with me. My parents can't trust me and I have no actual best friend. I'm always the third one. Like never the actual best friend, just the second one. The kids in my family, including my cousins, practically hate me. I sometimes cry myself to sleep. I could never trust anyone in my life with everything about me. I feel so stupid sometimes and I do somethings without thinking sometimes. I get hurt so much like sunburns, scrapes, bruises, and I bleed so much. I feel overweight. I don't think anyone likes me. I feel like I'm not loved enough. My older sister gets practically everything she wants. For her elementary graduation she got a ipod and for her birthday, a dog that summer. For me, I got Sims 3 which was also my birthday present. She tells me that I have no life and I sometimes believe her too. I have thought about running away, killing myself, and just cutting myself. I have the worse of luck. My parents thinks that I am to young to do anything. I have these weird dreams and I looked online to see what they mean and they're like this means your lost in life, something bad will be coming up, and those were practically every definition! Like I saw a locker, I missed the bus, my cell phone, bleachers, bees, my friend smoking, I'm in my middle school. I just don't know what to do. Please Help Me. I feel so lost and I just can't stand it anymore. Thank you.
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i feel the same way sometimes i am a year older then you. every thing you just said i am going throug kinda but . you got to pick your self up i feel your pain i relly do!!!! but life it nocks you down and it can keep you down . you have to be thankfull for the things you have. things will get better dont worry about all the little things . think all the stuff you are going through will make you stronger! find your dream stick to it you have a life dont ever think you dont and you will do grate things in it turst me .you just have to know you are not alone. life is worth living and its a wondefull place you just cant let anyone brake you not even your self. i hope i help <3

HEY cheer up this is only a part of your life that you have to deal with, so right now you are in a tough situation but that doesn't mean that it will stay that way. I felt like that to for a while but during the suffering I started to transform all does feelings into strength and started to work on many of the aspects of my life, is not easy and the results will not come the next day but keep at it and I assure you a new day will come. Remember what happens after the storm and I'm sure you will get everything you always wanted so get up, breath in and start a new you. You will see that YES you will find new friends and all those people who don't appreciate you is there loss for not looking at the special person you really are. So I hope my advise and messages serve some help to you and hope that your future is filled with happiness and more.