There's nothing that makes me happy anymore. I'm getting bored with my hobbies and interests. I have no friends, my family don't trust me, I'm left all alone with this. I have a depression and I don't know what to do with it. I'm going to a technical college right now, I have good grades and stuff, people tell me that I should be happy because I have everything that anyone could want, but is that true? I really hate myself, I don't know what to do with this life, it seems like one big routine that never ends. I will end my college, then probably go to an university and after that I'll go look for a job. It doesn't seem that nice to me. What's the point of it all if I'm working all the time with nothing in exchange? I feel so lonely that it's killing me. The way it is right now I see clearly that I will be lonely for a long time and I can't change it myself. I'm really lost and confused about it....
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You need to stop focusing on the bad and change the way you think. YOURE GOING TO SCHOOL!! YOURE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE, thats AMAZING. You are going to go far in life. I think its bullshit that people like you have depression because you will have everything going for you later in life, **** you have everything going for you now. <br />
Here i will make you feel better. I am 25 years old, I help my 89 year old, active grandmother, with my self pitying 95 year old grandfather because i cant get a job. My credit doesnt exsist and i dont have any college degrees which means I cant get a job. I have a 6 year relationship where we will never get married, never have kids and probably never be able to move out of our parents house. If you think your life is worse then that youre pathetic and really need to get on meds.

Hey! Long time...since I logged back on here...sorry I hiatus-ed on you. Life scr*wing us as usual. The inevitability of our social construct, is that we know exactly what we will do for the rest of our life, give or take natural and social disasters. I think what you need right now, is a vacation. Take some time off, explore nature, and try to sooth yourself. If its a partner you need, find her! If its your passion you need to (re)define, then go for it! You have all the time in the world, and hopefully a long life to do what you want. Good luck.

Dude there is always someone who would like to talk to you, you just have to reach out. No one should feel so alone.. I'm dealing with that myself...

It's ok to feel down, even if you're young and you have everything you need. To be accused and made feel guilty about your depression just makes it worse. Let yourself feel the way you do, feeling are just feelings, nothing more, and they will go away eventually. I promise. Just hang in there and wait. It gets better, always.

I feel lonely alot I know what your feeling, and no one understands I am told by my bf you dont have anything to be depressed or lonely about.

Don't think like that, you can do anything you put your mind too. I used to feel like you do, but I tried hard to turn my life around. I'm still a bit lonely from time to time, but it gets better. Talking about it helps loads too, so you can talk to me if you ever need a chat :) x

hey, please dont think like that. You are in spring of your life. A long life is waiting for you.<br />
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I wish you will feel better.

Hang in there guy, cause no woman want a loser, especially if you quit. Sound like you looking into the future, but cannot see who will be with you. Try working on getting a mate now, along with all the school and work. The excitement of a soulmate will hand you the future. Don't worry about the future my friend, cause the present is hard enought, so something like that in the bible.