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What Do We Live For When There's Nothing To Live For?

That' my question to every one,but no one evr has a anwser. There comments to me when I ask that is "O sweetie every thing will work out" or "That's a good question but only god knows." Well I'm tired of hereing things like that,I know I wil never get the real anwser. I've been hurt so many times, I've lost more people then I count and I'm lost in my lif and cant find my way back and all I wanna do is wake up from my bad dream and have every thing back to the way it was. So when you here me "say I want to end my life" dont be suprised when I'm not here.
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I am about to turn 60. My son who is 25 has has used manipulation, intimidation, rage and anger to force me to literally clean out all of my savings account of $134,000.00 in the last 2 year's. I have never been so depressed in all of my life. 9 years ago I died during surgery and I was not able to get a settlement because i was over dosed by the anesthesiologist and suffered a serious asperation.

My life changed forever that day, i lost my job and income that had made me a success and to make matters worse, i was left with severe lung damage and a weakened immune system with heart damage. I am so burned out on life right now and depressed that I am ready to just leave life. I know exactly how people fell that are stuck in their life. I hate where I am right now and I'm having trouble staying sane. Only cognitive therapy which is offered by Catholic Charities is helping me right now. Please try it.

I feel nothing for anything no excitment or nothing for anything and this isnt the first time i have felt this way im 16 and hate everything and i cant find out why i just feel life is **** and im done with and my only comfort is soccer but there is really no one who is as passionate as me so i cant do that all the time therefore my life is ticking ver quickly away and i cant find a reason for it to slow down

I have always found comfort in the fact that we are so small on a universe that is incomprehensibly large but recently I'm ******* struggling, man. I don't find the comfort anymore. I keep wondering when I will feel better. I am considered to be 'fearless' and 'kind' by people I know but it is all a facade and it feels to be crumbling. I would definitely not be Alive if it weren't for my friends and my sisters. But what happens on a night that I am so manic that these things cease to matter? I am not looking for answers.

We are all here because we all typed the exact same thing in google, we all feel like we want to die. I find that weird. Is everyone here a kind, generous, loving, righteous and sensitive person who has been taken advantage of, abused, and had life **** on them one too many times?

Also, this person's post is 4 years old...... I wonder what they would have to say now. I wonder if they are still alive.

We should start a revolution.

I used to be kind, loving, sensitive, and an overall nice person. I was harassed each day, but I never let it show. Nobody ever helped me either. I just kept on being a good person.

I went to a new school, and some of the bottled up anger came out. Nothing physical, just the general douchery. They put me in a room away from the class. Nobody ever helped me before, but now suddenly, They help someone else for something that was barely a fraction of what happened over the last years.

I was a new person after that. People that you were always told would protect and help you failing to do so, then being the one's who wind up finishing what last little bit of kindness you had left.

More and more horseshit happened later on, basically crushing what last bit of me I had left.

If there's a god, I'm going to punch him in the face if I meet him.

I am 50 ,been a widow for 11 years,feel lost alone,nothing to look forward too,I hate to go to sleep,because I know I wake up,but don't want to be awake,feel dread of every day life,have no money,majority of week I see no one,I have 2 grown up daughters,who no longer live at home ,but due to where they live never really see them or my grandchildren and I have 14 year old son,if it weren't for him,I believe I may no longer have been here,I feel I can't talk to anyone about this ,as personally I feel,not important to anyone,you hear people say they care,but where are they ,when I feel this ,no phone calls to see if I'm OK,hate this feeling because I know there is a world out there,but I hate me and my life,...don't know how much more I can bear feeling like this,

im just like you wanting to know what is the meaning of life?and what exactly do we live for..its not just live and die right?then its pointless..this life.i was also hurt many times i couldnt even count.i lost my friends.they meant alot to think life is full of suffering.but i want to believe in God.I wonder when will the truth be known...

Add a response...I'm about to turn sixty, unemployed since May from an executive level position, my third wife is pretty much gone already (we're roommates) and my son wants no part of me. I could never take my own life, but I'm so tired of what mine has become. Are there still communes? Where everyone works for the betterment of the whole and leaves the individual alone? I want to laugh again.

Wronkeye I know what you mean. I am now too old for children, my parents are old and I am alone. I am unable to hurt my siblings by taking my own life, but I do yearn to live a very peaceful life with like-minded people, a very simple life detached from technology and the chaos of life. If you find that place please tell me where it is, it is the only thing which will keep me hanging on to life.

This is how I feel with some of your feelings,I couldn't take my own life,haven't laughed in years if truth be told,don't know what it means anymore to feel happy,cry more than I smile xx

"Where everyone works for the betterment of the whole and leaves the individual alone?" You don't really want to live like this do you? Kibbutz life is for a rare bread most say they what to live this way. We let them in they use us as long as they need to then go their own way. Not caring about the damage and pain they cause anyone in the group!

I so get it I am done with all this bullshit we call life

Only to serve God, that is the correct answer.

Ya but he does not answer!

Oh he does answer maybe you just don't like or believe in his answer!

My girle freind and i broke up but not in a bad way i had to do it she couldent but she never loved me i only lived for her i think im going to end it

Honestly, If I didn't have my best friends I most likely would've killed myself a long time ago. :P I live for my friends, other than that my life is pretty much pointless.

Everyone - stop being so ******* abstract.
Just kill yourself already.
I have the same problem in my life.
It's too hard to explain.
It happens every single day.
Do it. Kill yourself. I will do the same in honour of you.

thanks for the permission I will!

screw you, you have no idea what its like. And It is not your place to say just kill yourself already. I hope you know how many people you hurt(and possibly killed).

I know this question, I ask it myself regularly. But a friend of mine gave me some insight about life.

You see, life is a blank, just a paper. And what you do is the ink. You write a story, and you may write a long text that will end up being a book, but you can also make a worthless little note.

What would you prefer? Making something really worth reading? Or just another little note that no one will bother to read. It's your choice, but I'd recommend going for the first.

If you feel like you have nothing to live for, why not live for those that do. Become a social worker, a doctor, whatever you want. My dad was fifteen while he worked to pay his own school, for he got no money whatsoever, and he went to school and had a wife. He's Middle-Eastern, and in the Middle East, no government will pay you. My dad had a rough life, but he chose to live for others. Why don't you?

I'm sorry I don't mean this rudely but just have to be direct - these words although well intended are exactly the platitudes the original poster wanted to avoid

Simple answer: you're too young to quit. I have felt like that when I was your age or younger, and if you don't kill yourself, eventually a new meaning or something "to live for" will appear.. unless you're in jail for life or something like that.... until otherwise demonstrated, we only have 1 life.but what do you do when you're 60, 70, 80??

<br />
"yah right"... (maybe this would be your answer) but for me... YES<br />
....<br />
Tell me how this world abandon you.(LIST IT DOWN)... but before that think of something that you still HAVE.... like: Parents abandon me = Carla my friend still talking to me....<br />
tell me how BIG your problems was...but don't forget to think PROBLEM??? COMPARED TO WHAT"....<br />
example: I LOST MY JOB...= 21 YEARS OLD male.. unemployed, not educated, have a sick mother, young siblings, eats one meal per day, dont have a decent clothes to wear for an interview, and fare to go.....<br />
<br />
sometimes people think their alone, abandon, and lost here in this world.. but the thing is they just don't see how the world works... How to handle ups and downs of life...How blessed they are! I am sorry if i am being so harsh... but.... i do lost and feel the same... but it reminds me that i still have the chance to change the things that happening to me because GOD still give me the ability to talk, walk, cry, smile.... even open my eyes every morning.... =D LEARN TO LOVE AND VALUE YOURSELF FIRST

The simple answer, when we have nothing to live for, then we live for nothing.


Yes, there are times--and they can last for years and years and even lifetimes--when it seems there's "nothing to live for"--especially in this day and age. Sometimes, you just have to acknowledge that you "feel nothing" and have no reason to go on, but go on anyway. You can choose to not go on; for sure. That's one option. Or, you can choose to just move through the numbness and meaninglessness hoping that eventually things will get better--or not. And just live in that. And from time to time, when something happens that makes you smile or laugh, be glad that you've got that instant--even if you return to the numbness again. Or, you can get your doctor to prescribe you some very strong drugs that will allow your brain to create chemicals that will make you feel better. <br />
<br />
I've been pretty numb for about 40 years, yet I run several businesses, am pretty successful, have a few friends, etc. I'm not interested in taking drugs to feel better, and so I just live feeling nothingness most of the time. It's actually not so bad when you realize that lots of people feel that way--they just pretend (I know I do) as though they care about things. And sometimes pretending actually helps.<br />
<br />
Good luck.

Musical. Your opinions are absolutely not what are needed by anyone in this forum. Tough love works, but this isn't the time or place. Please go deal with your own kids (actually, by the sound of it you can't get a partner to make any kids...) in that manner and then go visit them in prison or at the cemetary.<br />
I am 45 yrs old. Have dealt with depression my entire life and it all has not been grace and wonder. What I have learned is that there are no "answers". That certainly doesn't mean you're never going to feel better, it simply implies that you're going to have to fight a little. I've learned that it is more about attitude than it is about events. Things get us down. it goes without saying. It's how we react to those things that impacts how we feel. I know the process--something bad happens and you think "this could only happen to me" and down the slippery slope you fall. Things happen--bad or good, and not just to you. There's most likely something out there that you like (not someone, but something---human beings aren't going to help you on the inside). It doesn't matter how trivial you think it is. Focus on it. Positivity and optimism are contageous, however negativity and pessimism are way easier. <br />
I'm gonna say something completely politically incorrect. If you really have NO reason to live, and all life does is torture you--why suffer---it's YOUR life, no matter what society and the government would have you believe.

suicide threats in july, still here in november. hey, maybe you could take solace from these ep boys who want to **** you, use the false empathy and fake concern they show to validate your self worth. at least people want to **** you, that's more than some of us have going for us. You should be grateful.<br />
<br />
What do we live for when there's nothing to live for? Nothing, that's ******* what. Big surprise there. I'm alive for nothing, I get no happiness from being alive, but killing yourself is for ******* *******. Life's a ******* piece of ****, it gets worse as it goes on, then you die. Suck it the **** up, princess.

I could also write an inspiring comment and tell you to "have hope for the future", "be optimistic" and so on, but that's already been done. From someone who's also been through a bit of what you're going through, good luck and I truly hope you can find your way again. *hugs*

I just finished giving my two cents to a similar question. Mind if I just paste it here? Hope it helps.<br />
<br />
So what's the point?<br />
<br />
There really is no point. The philosopher David Hume once said, and I am paraphrasing, "Reason is...the slave to passion". It all comes down to how you feel about things. Some are more or less happy, and have built a life that reflects this. They feel good and do whatever makes them feel that way. Ask them the meaning of life, and you will get all kinds of answers: love, pleasure, family, success, art, whatever. These various answers,"reasons", form the nexus from which their ongoing happiness flows. This goes outward into the world, attaches itself to things that bring joy, and these things become the reasons. But they are secondary to the passion. The unhappy ones, such as you and me, have no answer, no "reasons", no nexus. We say "nothing matters". Our lives and views reflect the nothingness we feel. There is nothing outward to which we attach significance. With no passion there is no reason. You said it yourself "My depression has led me to the conclusion that nothing matters". Your depression is your feeling, or passion (however applicable that word is to depression is besides the point), and the conclusion is your reason. Get talking to a particularly patient happy person, he or she will even admit there is no ob<x>jective reason (unless he or she happens to be religious. Whole different ball game...). Faith aside, you know what they'll say? "Who cares", and they will continue to do what makes them feel happy. The reason doesn't really matter. It's the passion that counts. Some of us are just unfortunate enough to have missed out on it. Luck of the draw maybe? I don't know. The point I am trying to make is that the raison d'etre you seek (sought?) is illusory, moot, unimportant. We tend to construe it all backwards. We are so accustomed to believe that it is the reason that creates the passion. But that's all wrong. It's actually the other way around. Anyways, fortunately there are meds and therapy. I hope this answer satisfies a little. I hope it made sense! Good luck to you in your ongoing struggle.

I seriously can relate. I have nothing to live for, either.<br />
I have not had any work for over 1 1/2 yrs. Have been charging and borrowing money from people to pay my rent and get by. So once I get a job, I will have a LOT to pay back. I keep looking for a job day after day , wk after wk, month after month and nothing! Gets to be very frustrating, depressing and disappointing to say the least. I am single, live alone and my brothers and sisters never have thought much of me, and this kinda proves that to them. Even though I know it is not true. But, hurts more and is more depressing, frustraing and disappointing to have a family that you can never do good enough for. Not having a job more than sucks! You never have no money to do anything. All I have bought in the last 9 months was essential things like food, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. No money to ever do anything else. And with no money gets extremely boring too. I feel I know I have nothing to live for cause I have absolutely no control over things in my life now, even the simplest things. I dont' know how much more of this way of living I can handle. I really can see why people do drastic things. I know, it will get better. But, that does not change things the way they are now and how I feel and have been feeling for a long time. There really is no one in my life that seriously would miss me if I for whatever reason left. majority of people that i have known are nasty and mean spirited people, always just thinking about themselves and their family. Yet, in general they are nice people. I have not gone out of my apt in the last 3 days. Normally, I enjoy getting out at least every day. There is no help for me, hope yeah; but not any help. I have something that I am hanging onto....a dream. But, I guess I should say I had something to hang onto . It looks too hopeless now. See I need others to motivate and inspire me, I am unable to be inspired and motivated by myself. There were some people who really did that for me, but they seriously let me down. So, there are a lot of people out there I know that feel like I do.One thing there definately are way too many bullies in this world, adult bullies that is.

ive gone through what u r going thorugh, i wont go into details right now but i think u read about it anyway we dont kno what happens in the future so while at that point we have nothing to live 4, we always have something to look forward 2. while u havent found ur direction yet, u will, we all will. unfortunatly some of us dont wait that long, i dont call it cowardice, i call it not being patient

At your age I didn't have many friends......and I felt depressed<br />
I used to ask the same question that you are asking yourself......<br />
Apart from just writing what you feel you should talk to someone real about your feelings.<br />
It helps to look in someone eyes when we talk and see that this person care for us.<br />
Take care

I sympathized with the way you are feeling. For most of my life I've felt the same way. Still til this day I wonder what is the purpose of life, why am i here, why do I keep struggling and suffering. The words I hate the worst are " Don't worry things will get better". Honestly they don't, you just become MORE STRONGER.<br />
<br />
Life is all about trials and tribulations. <br />
<br />
I soak in my sorrow, wallow in self-pity most of my time.<br />
<br />
Then comes a moment when I enlighten someone else's life. At rare times, I come across a stranger who I inspire and give hope, just from me living.<br />
<br />
We all suffer in this world, but what we learn through these things we can use to help others who have lost all hope and faith in life.<br />
<br />
Each life is so very valuable even if we don't see it or feel it. The little things we do on a daily basis can change another's life.<br />
<br />
Your strength to continue to breathe will help others to continue to breathe. You are special in your own way and what you can give back to the world will reward you in more ways than one.<br />
<br />
Take it one breath at a time, one day at a time. It will all come clear to you when the time is right.<br />
<br />
Keep living, stay strong.

girl, i know this is so wierd, but i used to think the samevway until i ultimatly came across this woman named Sylvia Browne, and I've read many of her books, and she opened the door to my way of thinking and beliefs that everyone seemed to lose with their own way of what is whatand so on. now I'm free and unafraid of the minor bullshit that society throws our way....please please please, im asking you to look her might seem ridiculous at first, but i garuntee if you keep an open mind about things, youll understand what i mean by "help". if you're tired of hearing the same **** over and over, try this....i believe we live to perfect our souls....that we've had past lives and if we want to keep perfecting them we'll keep coming me

I don't think we can live with nothing to live for. It seems the trick is to find something, anything and clasp on to that thing, no matter how small and choose to live for it. Hold on to that and never let it go. It can be anything: an idea, another person, even yourself. You need something, something to keep you going even when it seems like you should just give up. A raison d'ĂȘtre, if you will excuse my french, is something personal. No one can find it for you. To discover yours is to discover yourself. Keep looking. Never give up. Even if you feel there is nothing left there is always something, find a cause and dedicate yourself to it. You mentioned losing loved ones, is there anything you could do to stop others from losing people in the way you did? I'm afraid I am shooting in the dark so to speak since I don't know you but I know there is something productive you can do if you really want to. Good Luck, with love, SapereAud3