What's The Point?

My depression has led me to the conclusion that nothing matters.  So, what's the point?  Think about it and ask yourself before you do anything or make any decision, what's the point?  There is none.
I don't do anything, because what's the point?  
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There really is no point. The philosopher David Hume once said, and I am paraphrasing, "Reason is...the slave to passion". It all comes down to how you feel about things. Some are more or less happy, and have built a life that reflects this. They feel good and do whatever makes them feel that way. Ask them the meaning of life, and you will get all kinds of answers: love, pleasure, family, success, art, whatever. These various answers,"reasons", form the nexus from which their ongoing happiness flows. This goes outward into the world, attaches itself to things that bring joy, and these things become the reasons. But they are secondary to the passion. The unhappy ones, such as you and me, have no answer, no "reasons", no nexus. We say "nothing matters". Our lives and views reflect the nothingness we feel. There is nothing outward to which we attach significance. With no passion there is no reason. You said it yourself "My depression has led me to the conclusion that nothing matters". Your depression is your feeling, or passion (however applicable that word is to depression is besides the point), and the conclusion is your reason. Get talking to a particularly patient happy person, he or she will even admit there is no ob<x>jective reason (unless he or she happens to be religious. Whole different ball game...). Faith aside, you know what they'll say? "Who cares", and they will continue to do what makes them feel happy. The reason doesn't really matter. It's the passion that counts. Some of us are just unfortunate enough to have missed out on it. Luck of the draw maybe? I don't know. The point I am trying to make is that the raison d'etre you seek (sought?) is illusory, moot, unimportant. We tend to construe it all backwards. We are so accustomed to believe that it is the reason that creates the passion. But that's all wrong. It's actually the other way around. Anyways, fortunately there are meds and therapy. I hope this answer satisfies a little. I hope it made sense! Good luck to you in your ongoing struggle.

Who said life had to have a purpose? Would you like anything in life? Maybe you haven't seen enough good things in life to want. It's nice to have goals and reach for things, but success is not up to one person. <br />
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I used to feel really bad about my life and wonder "what's the point," until I met my driver's education teacher. He distinguished between what was YOUR responsibility and what was someone else's responsibility, and that really woke me up. He said, "Do you have a pet? Okay, more responsibility. Do you have a car? Okay, More Responsibility. Do you have a kid? Okay, even MORE Responsibility. You're responsible for getting that kid to school, feeding, clothing, and housing them. That is responsibility. You are not responsible for the weather. Those are circumstances." <br />
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I realized that my circumstances were the result of other people making responsible or irresponsible decisions that affected my life dramatically. Without a responsible role model, I was also making irresponsible decisions without being wise to it. I had to take responsibility over my own life, my own happiness, and look for stuff I liked about the world instead of blaming myself or other people. Realizing that other people had failed me in the past helped me get the self-blame (and self-pity) off my shoulders and put the burden where it belonged. Realizing that I was responsible for my own happiness sent me searching. <br />
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For instance, I found a piece of land I really like. I also found that I really like nature, art, and books, and found where all these things come together. I also needed to be happy with myself and validate who I was. The "what's the point" question evaporated. I don't know what the point is, but if you're alive, enjoy life while you can before you enter the grave. It's boring in there!

Sunflower I know you won't even remember this post but thank you for the words of wisdom...... I've been dealing with situations and I know that I have to look at it from the point of view you mentioned. I have to take responsibility for my own life. That is what I'm doing now. But it feels good to read your words I don't feel so alone.

Thanks, but I don't quite get what you're saying,

mayb God is waiting 2 see if we'll notice him and make attempts to be there wen ppl need things, like food, clothing, a place 2 crash, a ride, shoulder2cry on, a good laugh . . . etc. Those things are learned in life. If u were nevr taught, u just hav fun learning them and using them as u go along. it doesn't happn all at once.