Lost Lost Lost!!!

i am lost in my life!!i dont know where im going,what im doing,where i want to go,or what i want to do!! ever since i lost my dad to cancer around 4 years ago,i have been in a hole,still stuck at home living with my mom,in a dead end job,with a complete ******* for a boss,who keeps threatening me with my job when i do the odd thing wrong (sorry for being human ffs) i would like to better my life,but just dont know where to start!! i dont like my current job very much (used to like it) and dont want another job in the same field,but i dont know what else im good at!!i dont think i'm good at anything else,well not to my knowledge anyway lol,so i need to figure that out!!then there is the fact that i dont drive!! i would like to,if it means that i could travel to get a job somewhere,but everywhere i look,even further afield where i could drive to work (after i pass driving test and all) and there is just nothing suitable for me,and not too many jobs going!!on top of that,in the job im in just now,its a low paid job,and i survive on the wages easier,cos i dont need a car,cos everything,including my work,is just so handy for me!! and on top of it all, i just dont know if i can afford a car either,especially now that i need to give my mom more digs money cos she is struggling too, and i dont want to get a car, if i cant find a better job with better money!! so you see, im just lost, and i dont know what to do!!! sometimes i get stressed out just thinking about it!!!
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relax, you're great, you're doing everything as you should, you are such a good guy, you don't need to worry, it will get better, just don't stop dreaming and try to see what else you could do that would not risk your current lifestyle. I will support you!

you see, thats kinda the problem *Becnme*, i wouldnt mind going back to school, or even if it meant keeping my job, and studying at home or something like that in my spare time, but its what to learn thats the problem, cos i dont know what im good at, and what i would like to do!!!

I wonder if you've ever thought of going back to school/college. Have a look at what courses they offer and it would give that piece of paper so many jobs want. At least that would open your job opportunities if nothing else.

thank you *thechoune* !! i will look it up!!

May I suggest you buy a book that could change your life: "The Element - How finding you passion changes everything" written by Ken Robinson. It gives you lots of tips about finding the right thing for you. Good luck!

thank you *girlcapitol*!!! your advice is welcome, and i will try and use it, cos i think your right with what you say!!!

thank you *shine*!!! ((((((((hugs)))))))))))) right back at you!!! lol

thanks, i not really looking for sympathy lol, but i get what you mean!! and i hope things turn out better for you too!!! (((hugs)))

feel sorry for you...kinda feel the same way too...lost and stressed out thinking about it. Hope things turn out alright for you.