What's The Point?

I'm starting to come to except that i am completly worthless. I have no appeal. I don't know how to live or enjoy life. I'm so lonely. I have no friends  i cry all the time and i never used to be a crier. I'm not smart. I'm only 15 and weigh 200 pounds. I just don't do anything. I feel like im just going through the motions. I'm not talented in any way. Life is so stale and i just keep wandering whats the point. It is hard to see that there is a a better place past this life. I keep praying and praying that God will send something fresh and new into my life and change me but nothing comes. There is nothing special about me and I just keep asking whats the point?
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

get angry. at yourself, for being lazy first. work hard, put in six months of murderous physical training and build your body. then go around and smash the ******* **** out of everyone. lets just assume life has nothing good in store for you, find things to do that are bad, but make you feel good. beating up people, stealing from helpless people, getting driunk and being an *******.<br />
<br />
You tried to do it right, the world wasn't interested. so **** the world, be a ****, they ******* asked for it.

I mirror your feelings in many ways. I won't tell you to "pep up." I have yet to do so. I feel unhappy most days. But, the one thing that gets me through life is doing something, anyhing that makes me feel worthwhile. I love to volunteer and help others. I worked with middle school kids this summer and hope to do more volunteer work to stay involved in something that makes me feel worthwhile. I repeated the above statement because it really does help.<br />
If you have to immerse yourself into fanfiction or music, do it. It's your job to make your life something you enjoy. I truly wish I could tell you the quick fix to your problems. The only relief I can offer is do what will make you smile that rare smile and laugh for a moment.

i understand what u r going thru. i too often feel alone and useless. but u cant put urself down. u just have to realize that u r not the only person feeling this way. there are always gonna be people that care about u. family, friends, church members, support groups. not tryin to sound like a **** but u cant rely on god for everything