Lacking Any Motivation!

First off I have never written on any forums before and not really sure how I got into this one. Having said that  here is my story. I have for a little over a year now lacked any kind of self motivation. I go to work  I go home and sit on the couch or play games on the computer. That's my daily grind. It started a couple of months before I separated with my second wife. (that's a story for another time) I'm not eating right, I don't seem to care that much about my looks I go two months between haircuts. I still look foward to going to work everyday. I have not had any problems there if any thing I think I have excelled in my job. I am not depressed about the divorce that is something that I wanted just needed an argument to get the ball rolling. I don't think I would call myself lazy because I will eventually get the job done. Like doing the yard work, getting a hair cut, packing up my personal belongings for storage it's just that I do things in spurts. My home is in the process of foreclosure I couldn't keep up on the payments on only one income. I had an agreement with the bank to try and sell it but the soon to be EX. would not sign the paperwork. She wanted me to suffer through the foreclosure so that my credit would be messed up. I need to find a new place to stay, put my stuff in storage and maybe even someday get on with my life.
sourdough52 sourdough52
56-60, M
Aug 9, 2010