Everybody Wants Answers..

So what do you do? What do you want to be when your older? What are your dreams and ambitions? What are you doing about...life?...a bf/ husband? kids? family? bills? a house? God? career?..spending your life working to live..or living for your holidays and not to mention the weekend or perhaps your retirement... Or those shoes or that dress that you saw that would make you look just darling! ...These questions plague me, this lifestyle surrounds me...and I can't stand it. The answer is I don't know...I don't know what I want to be, what I want to do..but I'm meant to have an idea by now, I'm meant to have it sussed..But I haven't. I want happiness, I know that...but then who doesn't right? what will make me happy is something I have yet to find. I want to make a difference and maybe travel. But everything up and including happiness or even helping people comes at a price these days...and I am penniless. Then for the religious folk out there, which my family are...there is..what about God? Are you right with God? How's your relationship with God?...I feel like sticking my head in a toaster if that was physically possible and screaming..I DON'T KNOW! ..spiritual wilderness, bewilderment, confusion..I've got them all, I'm lost.. And you may be too...though you might not have realised it. My life seems to have no roadmap and no direction signs..maybe I misplaced it in my last life O.o
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I think you have too many questions there which most people by the end of their lives still ask. In all respect, wouldn't it be better if you stop looking for happiness in others and be true to yourself?Sure everything cost a dime and more as you mention, but seriously I think you, me and loads of other people are just to busy watching time pass by and not actually appreciating the meaning/answer of what it is you/they seek. Don't cloud your thoughts with self destructive judgement. Not being a **** here, but what I really think you need to do is keep your foot on the ground and start walking towards something that you personally feel is in the right direction... maybe a change of lifestyle or countless other things. Thing is you are letting your thoughts get ahead of you with what could have/should have been. You walk the road, and you slowly got your self a map. It all starts when you put your first step forward in your intended direction. Once you step out, doors will open.

Yeap,,, I think you are right, but this question is not belongs to issues regarding personality. its matter about Spirituality, Devine and Destination. Try some spiritual books also, may help you what is this world about and how its work to run itself, and find the connection its connection with you. if you want to find all these you must to first belief in it without finding any reason behind it, just take beleaf in it.

That sounds like a good offer :)

definately...everyone is meant to have it sorted it the day they turn 18, what they want to be, what they are doing in life and for me where they are going to live. And I feel like I've had such a rough time before and after that I haven't even begun to know and people think I should have got my act together and I'm trying but I'm barely keeping my head about water and am just leading a real dogs life to just survive...struggling with no help because I think people forget sometimes people don't have the support of parents and are doing it alone at a young age..too young

Some times these questions will never leave you and are there with you throughout your life. However, do you think that perhaps some of these answers are being forced into you through social expectation?

Thank you, both of you! :)

I have felt a lot like that too. Something that is helping me right now, sounds weird, but may or may not help you.. <br />
I keep going on to this site near-death.com i think it is and it's all about evidence gathered from people who have had a near death experience and it is sort of giving facts about what we are here for and what's after and all those sorts of questions. <br />
Worth a look if you're interested.