One Year Ago Today

I had everything I ever dreamed that I wanted. And how strange, that today, I am back at square one? No drugs or alcohol, no adverse health condition nor infidelity has struck me. Nonetheless, here I am.

What could have a goal driven over achiever floundering? The magic carpet was pulled from under me and now I'm falling, into the safety net, and my legs feel like sponges which refuse to propel. I'm lacking motivation. Where is that carrot that I used to chase?
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9 Responses Mar 7, 2011

We are similar, 2012 was the best year and the worst. Ive achieved everything in a short span of time yet I have given it all up so easily. I gave up everything I have worked for, I am an overachiever too but now I am nothing. I gave up, its very difficult to be like I am before, full of hope and dreams. Now I dont know where I am, Im lost. T_T

hi this is paul i fell the same can we chat? i think we can help each other to find the better way .look forward to it woman.

stay positive and the carrot will magically come out again

awww, thanks Ernie. there's nothing better than a fuzzy little hug. ;0] *hug!*

I feel the same way you do. I used to wake up happy, be very positive and extroverted. Now nothing.,.

thank you, each of you. i love your positive outlook and suggestions. i will take them to heart. XOXOXO

Maybe you ran out of challenges? Maybe you subconsciously knew a change had to come? A drastic one, too? Maybe you wanted to become the carrot? Who knows... maybe we should talk about that, when the time comes.

Maybe you can't find that carrot you used to chase because something inside of you is telling you there's something better - even though you don't know what that might be yet. Sounds to me like you've grown into a place where the carrot is no longer the thing to follow.

I think that carrot is sittin in a rest home somewhere in Oklahoma ... write that story.<br />
<br />
While you can.

It"s the life cycle sweetie,,we have our good times and our bad times..<br />
We achieve our goals and in a bl<x>ink of an eye something turns our world upside down..<br />
But out of bad always comes good and knowledge,and with that comes motivation..<br />
You are in a lull at the moment,,but as the days pass your desire to succeed in something new will stir your motivation back to life..