I Am Lost In Life

hi im in my late thirties i am taking anti depressants.i lost my job 6 months ago.i am lost i dont know what to do with my life. i am in a rut drowning.i dont have many friends and dont go out much.i dont want to do anything with myself why is that.im so lethargic and have no life.going out of the door is a challenge.im so fed up with myself.im lost i dont know where i am heading my mum says im looking for self pity help me someone please
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3 Responses May 17, 2011

then when you find what you like and a job ...i know that there you will find friends <br />
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YOU are in charge of your happiness ... friends dont make you happy ...things dont make you happy <br />
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o.k I am done he he

i think you need to love yourself and take responsibility to love you . Get a job , take your med's and ask yourself what do I need right now ...what does my body need .. mind need .. spirit need ? We have barrels that we need to keep balanced and when they get out it is very hard to get back on track .healthy life is hard work at first ..so you go and get on it ! you are wonderfully made and are original ...you need to respect who you are and who you are not . you are not like anyone .and recipe to a happy life is different for you ... so get on it and find YOUR recipe !

You may be experiencing depression - I would recommend that you talk with a counselor so they can give you a proper assessment and see if you are, in fact, suffering from this. It is deceptive - and will take everything you hold dear and squash it - it robs you of so much. Do not suffer in silence - please seek out someone to talk to. I know you are on antidepressant but they are not always the absolute answer - you may need a combo of meds and therapy.