But I Don't Mind It.

So yeah, I'm lost.  I should have been a doctor but I dropped out of high school.  I should have been an artist or a musician or a laywer or something cool but I'm not.  And now I'm just bored.  And really, I'm not quite sure how to fix that.
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5 Responses Nov 29, 2006

THIS MOMENT IS THE FIRST MOMENT OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE...and try to think for a moment how do you wanna be different. So you should become a doctor and I did. I think I still yearn for artistic<br />
ex<x>pression, so I do. I try to paint, and sing when ever I can and I am aware that when I do not choose to do it it was my choice!<br />
What is stopping you from doing whatever you wanna do?<br />
Ther are times when things like that overwhelm you, but the next step is ACTION, honey not staying in that. A state last for only a minute all the rest we do by ourselves!!!<br />
Flashing pictures that make you sorry and miserable and like looser,and make you feel powerless!<br />
How on earth do you choose that? <br />
Take a book on people who achieved something and they all had failures, felt lost, and sometimes it was in their oldies that they found an answer. Just do something, one step...one step starts a journey of a thousand miles...YOU NEVER KNOW HOW FAR A CHANGE MAY GO!

Today is the first day of the rest of your LIFE...take the first step and start your new journey. Just do it! Nike knows it...now you know it.

It is never to late to go back to school...education is freedom!!!

Could've, should've, would've. Shhhh. Chin up so you can look around.

Find something that you are interested in. There has to be something.<br />
Do that.