I Just Miss Him.

I'm lost in this world of confusion. Where men throw muck of hatred and negativity around like wild twisters. Where quailty decreases and quantity increases. I am lost in this world. And I miss him. I miss my life, him. I miss when I could laugh at small things because I never understood as a child the knowledge the world drills into my young mind. My innocence, raped. I miss him. I yearn for love. The unconditional, unrushed, patient love. The love that needs not a label of in a relationship or not. But love that spreads through the veins of the body and nourishes it like blood. I miss him. I miss my life. And I want it back..
JeuneCirque JeuneCirque
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2012

I may be a bit older than you but I remember those feeling like they were yesterday....overwhelming. You may not believe me now but you WILL feel that way about someone else and they WILL be a better match. They may not be the last person but they will replace this person despite how it feels there is no one who can.

Thank you... So much. I need to get over this person... But in doing so, I need to reestablish my life.. Thanks for the advice. Thank you..