Sometimes I Feel Like I Am.&nb...

sometimes I feel like I am.  At first I had things all figured out but now That I've gotten all the way up to were I had planned I'm trying to figure out what's next.
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3 Responses May 7, 2007

I am going through this exact phase now. I resent my life, my past decisions. I am a recent graduate and upon graduation I find myself lost and looking for the easiest way out. I do not know if people go through this phase once they graduate. A phase where life has no meaning, a phase where you are stuck in limbo, constantly asking yourself what is your purpose in life. <br />
I refuse to take my life because I know tomorrow will be better. But the question still remains, what am I doing here, do young adults like me go through a phase of stagnation? through a phase of isolation?<br />
<br />
I sometimes blame people around me for what has become of me but now I have learnt that the blame game leads me no where. <br />
All I need is help and guidiance

some many things are going around me head i just dont know what to do anymore. i know the feelings. its so hard. at times i just dont want to live, get things other and done with, the next and scaried and wanna try and make things be alright and wanna be alive. its so messed up. ive been on so many rollarcoaster ride, an people trying to help me when all i do is push away as they wanna understand. am at the end right now am giving up on life, what is there left. i have seen to much, been throught to much that the future aint anything i wanna see. yeah i know that sound selfish and ungrateful, but i just hate me, hate feelings and just dont know what or where i am meant to start. i cant accept what people want me to be. as it just doesnt mix in my demon soul i have inside of me.

yeah, i'm going through the same thing. i thought i had it all figured out, but then life happened... and now i feel like i'm stuck. how do i get out of that?