Agian a Split Answer I Am On T...

Agian a split answer i am on the path that I have always wanted in life. But it  is not as great as I imagined and there are some things that are missing. Some of these I know what they are but others I do not.
LauraLDS2003 LauraLDS2003
22-25, F
1 Response May 7, 2007

Hey, at least you know you're path and are are taking it. Life does come with a bunch of let-downs, especially when we are doing our best and trying to achieve all the great things we have hoped and imagined they would be. Hang in there. It might be time just to re-evalute what you need and take a little detour in order to try to find some of those things you feel are missing. Don't be afraid to take some chances and have some new experiences. Sometimes these experiences can bring you things and lessons to your life that you never knew were missing. You'll never know unless you try!