People Are Strange, When You're A Stranger

I walked into a grocery store today with the intention of looking for a specific type of healthy snack bar. Apparently I looked more confused than usual (I like to think it's my natural expression) because I was not more than ten feet into the store and some older chubby fella with white hair and a cart full of groceries says "Can I help you find something?"

He wasn't wearing a store uniform or name tag, he appeared to just be another customer. I like to think I've been around the block, so to speak, but for some reason this took me by surprise. So I politely asked "Do you work here?" He replied "Oh, no, I just thought I might be able to help you find whatever it was you were looking for." A little weirded out, I nonetheless shrugged and told him "Well, I'm looking for [brand name] bars."

I may just as well have asked him what aisle the dragon food was in, because he said "What!?" instantly. I repeated "[brand name] bars, they're a healthy snack bar."

He looked confused for a moment and said "Uh...I've never even heard of those!" I laughed, thanked him and told him not to worry about it and went on my way wondering what it was about me or my appearance that compelled a perfect stranger to accost me with an offer of assistance.

Perhaps nothing. Maybe they do that to everyone? Anyway, for a person like me who likes to keep a fairly low profile such encounters invariably provide me with a source of rumination. I guess I can't help but search for meaning in even the most mundane of events. So far, my best explanation is that I'm the subject of a well-orchestrated version of "Candid Camera," kind of like The Truman Show, and everyone else is in on it.
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I'm the one everyone asks for help, even though I'm clueless and don't work there.

faces look ugly, when you're alone.