i am a 23 yr old girl , recently lost my job, i feel so lost right now. I cant exactly turn to my family for help no one talks to each other. I took time off from uni since i dont have a career path in mind yet, which makes me feel like i will never amount to anything. i am trying to get motivated to do something with my life but with its hard, with no job i have no money to go back to school and living at home is almost unbearable at times.i thot i just needed a good kick in the a** to get going but finding that starting point is hard, especially finding a new job. the other thing i have trouble with is making friends, i have next to no girlfriends, im not a mean person (at least i dont think i am) i seem to get along with guys and adults just fine. i dont know how to make friends, guys are great but every girl needs a girlfriend to talk to, i wish life were easier:( Any advice on how to make new girlfriends?
blondie89 blondie89
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013